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Her, too.

I wrote "me too" on my timeline a few days ago, and just that simple act sent a wave of exhaustion through me. I thought of all the incidents inherent in that statement, beginning at age five, all the way up to a few weeks ago. They make me want to vomit--which I in fact did repeatedly, yesterday morning, after a restless night spent with the ghosts behind those words. 
But I also thought of those times in my life, when instead of "me too," I said "not today." When instead of allowing something to happen to me I forced it back on the would-be perpetrator. And the times when it might have been "her too," and because I was vigilant, she did not have to suffer alone; not on that day. I want to share one of these times, because now, looking back, it seems like a particularly important lesson.
Years ago when I was living in Southern California, I'd gone to the store with a friend. It was around 9pm, dark out, and the parking lot was empty except …

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